I. appeal ap‧peal 1 [əˈpiːl] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] LAW an official request to a higher authority for a decision made by a court, committee etc to be changed:

• The company's appeal against the assessment will be determined at the tribunal.

• the accused's rights of appeal

2. [countable] an urgent request for something such as money or help:

• a United Nations appeal for aid

3. [uncountable] a quality that makes people like something or want to buy it:

• The company has a reputation for identifying products with wide popular appeal.

• the mass appeal of the Internet

  [m0] II. appeal appeal 2 verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] LAW to make a formal request to a higher authority for a decision made by a court, committee etc to be changed:
appeal against something

• The accused applied for leave to appeal against the conviction.

appeal to somebody/​something

• Applicants refused planning permission can appeal to the ministry.

2. [intransitive] to ask for money, help, or information from someone:
appeal to somebody

• We appeal to our sisters all over the world to stand by us.

appeal for something

• The President went on nationwide television and radio to appeal for a yes vote.

3. appeal to somebody if a product appeals to a particular type of person, that type of person likes it and is likely to buy it:

• A lot of their products appeal to the older consumer.

* * *

appeal UK US /əˈpiːl/ noun
[C or U] LAW a request to a law court or other official organization to change a previous decision: lodge/launch/make an appeal »

He has 28 days to lodge an appeal in the High Court.

an appeal against sth »

Her appeal against the dismissal was rejected.


We feel we have plenty of grounds for appeal.


an employment/income tax appeal


an appeal hearing/tribunal


the appeals procedure/process

[C] a request for something, especially money, information, or help: launch/make an appeal »

The Red Cross launched an appeal after a huge earthquake hit Haiti.

an appeal for sth »

The Society made an appeal for funds to purchase the building and grounds.


The development and modernization work is being funded from a successful capital appeal launched last year.

[U] MARKETING a quality that makes people like something or want to buy it: »

A well-chosen set of photographs gives the book added appeal.

market/customer appeal »

The products have all been researched and tested for market appeal.


have wide/broad/universal appeal

appeal UK US /əˈpiːl/ verb
[I or T] LAW to ask a higher law court to consider again a decision made by a lower court, especially in order to reduce or prevent a punishment: appeal to sth »

They're appealing to the High Court to reduce the fine.

appeal against sth »

The trust appealed against the injunction, but a High Court has yet to rule.


appeal a decision/ruling/verdict

[I] to formally ask for an official decision to be changed: appeal to sth »

Any woman who believes she is the subject of discrimination over pension rights can appeal to an industrial tribunal.

appeal against sth »

A group of radio stations is to appeal against the decision to charge huge royalties for internet radio.


Our formal complaints system sets out clearly how to make complaints and how you can appeal decisions.

[I] to ask the public for something such as money, information, or help: appeal for sth »

How could we appeal for more resources?

appeal to sb for sth »

We are appealing to the public for information.

appeal for/to sb to do sth »

Detectives are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

[I] to interest or attract someone: »

Our partner company has local knowledge and will know which products appeal.

appeal to sb »

The new phone is designed to appeal to consumers who find normal phone tariffs confusing.

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